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Comsearch can provide continuous, 24/7 long-term monitoring of the RF environment.

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Spectrum health, security and occupancy control are just a few of the reasons to start and maintain a robust and reliable spectrum monitoring program. Traditionally, Field Services use spectrum analyzers and associated test equipment in an ad-hoc manner to identify RF interference, perform RF Safety studies, and confirm signal level coverage for wireless telecommunication systems. Enhancing these traditional spectrum measurement techniques, Comsearch has expanded them to include Spectrum Monitoring services.

Comsearch utilizes state of the art monitoring nodes and proprietary software to offer real-time and continuous feedback about the RF environment at telecommunication facilities. We work with our clients to develop and implement a testing plan and equipment configuration to provide the critical data to guarantee trouble free operation of their network.

Our Spectrum Monitoring services

Spectrum Protection: 
Identifying and mitigating threats to spectrum operations; identifying and mitigating RF interference as well as geolocating rogue and contraband transmissions on a continuous basis for security, regulatory/law enforcement, and military operations.

Spectrum Health: Assuring the interference-free operation of spectrum dependent infrastructure; validating RF coverage modeling and simulation; verification of equipment technical and operational parameters; and aiding spectrum management policy in a complex spectrum environment.

Spectrum Investment: Identifying, validating and operating in new investment opportunities; determining actual spectrum occupancy in spectral bands to be auctioned, and monitoring RF spectrum for the real-time management of secondary users in a shared spectrum access environment.