Radio Frequency Test & Measurements

Real-world on-site testing

No matter how comprehensive theoretical analyses may be, they are no substitute for real-world RF testing.

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Theory meets reality

Theoretical analyses are generally based on assumptions and the best available data.  Only on-site measurements can give you a complete and accurate picture.

Comsearch field engineers utilize the latest test equipment to accurately document site parameters while identifying sources of potential interference. Field measurements can confirm signal levels of known transmitters and, more importantly, help identify undocumented RF sources which would otherwise be impossible to detect.

Here are a few reasons why more companies choose us:

Valuable experience
Our field engineers average over 15 years of experience.
We use state-of-the-art measurement gear and techniques.
We employ the brightest minds in RF propagation.

Fast and scalable
Full-time staff of experienced RF field engineers.
We can rapidly deploy globally to analyze even the most difficult RF environments.

Setting up a telecommunications system is a complex undertaking. Hire an experienced, dedicated, and specialized team to ensure it will operate reliably while minimizing the chance of outside interference.

Our RF measurement services


• Site Surveys for telecommunication sites

• Satellite Earth Station measurements

RF Interference Investigation (“Troubleshooting”)

RF Sweeps for unlicensed systems

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) testing