Multiple Address Systems (MAS)

Fast, 24 hour, MAS frequency selection—guaranteed!

Quick, cost-effective, accurate frequency coordination and licensing services for MAS communications.

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Guaranteed 24 hour frequency selection

The FCC requires frequency coordination and licensing for MAS. Choosing the right service provider accelerates the coordination process and can save you from costly mistakes.

Here are a few reasons why more companies choose us:

Lightning fast
Comsearch provides the fastest turnaround time in the industry.

We pledge to:

  • Give you a MAS frequency option within 24 hours of receipt* of your order, or our service is free!
  • File your MAS FCC application within 72 hours of your final approval* or our service is free!
  • All of this at no additional cost over our standard pricing.

Always looking out for you
We participate in industry forums and work with government personnel to make sure your interests are addressed. Our dedicated customer service group is on call to address your questions and ensure your customer satisfaction.

* Please note that a receipt is defined by the time at which the customer has approved the pricing and Comsearch has received all the appropriate technical data for the MAS system. Final approval is defined as the time at which the customer has given verbal or written approval of the frequency selection. In addition, Comsearch must receive all of the necessary filing information from the customer (Comsearch FCC 601 Questionnaire).

Our services

contact by a Comsearch engineering representative to begin your frequency selection process.

Selection of a frequency pair and a path data sheet for your review within 24 hours. If there are no frequencies available, “short spacing” options will be provided.

Filing of your MAS FCC application within 72 hours or less once the engineering analysis is approved (if Comsearch is elected to perform this service).